Founded in 2013, Vector Artist Initiative facilitates partnerships between exhibiting artists and arts organizations interested in using artwork as an educational opportunity for community engagement.



Many people worry about our world as we seem to be on a downward spiral of increasingly deplorable human interactions. We may even be thinking we can’t do anything to help.

But there is hope, and this exhibit is intended to inspire you to exemplify more kindness in your life, which will benefit both you and humanity in general. If we are to reverse the downward trend, many small and large acts of kindness are required of everyone. Here you will find visual stories, observations, insights, ideas and encouragement to help you incorporate more kindness in your thoughts and actions.

Enjoy the art, and yasher koach, may you stay strong!

Heather Stoltz

Cassandra Sagan

Cindy Lutz Kornet

Ruth Simon McRae

Hillel Smith

Deborah Raichman

Elyssa Wortzman

Lisa Link

Laura Servid

Debbie Gibbs

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan

Viviana Lombrozo

Mechele Shoneman

Lauren Zinn

Ruth-Anne Siegel

Linda Friedman Schmidt

Laurie Wohl

Lori Loebelsohn

Shoshannah Brombacher

Sandy Oppenheimer

Leslie Nobler

Joan Meyerson Schrager

Sandra Mayo

Cathy Weiss

Jennifer Ann Moses