Curatorial Statement for On the Consequences of Hate Speech III

The artwork for this exhibition was chosen to fulfill two main requirements: to be both visually arresting and conceptually compelling while relating to the subject of hate speech. It is our pleasure to present work which meets those goals while also ranging over a wide range of opinion and expression.

Whether represented by a single work or by multiple works, the viewer will be drawn in to each artist’s visual statement about an aspect of hate speech: its definition and consequences, its victims and perpetrators, its history and ubiquity, and the responses of loving-kindness, education and seeking a spiritual power to cope.

Every artist created her/his work out of a personal connection to hate speech and has sent accompanying text to explain their approach. Their passion is evident in the art, and we know viewers will respond with their own feelings and stories which will stimulate their thinking about how to take action in a world presently awash in hate speech.

Nancy Current
Robin Atlas